Day 1 Training

First of all, congrats on joining the family of Jesus that is called to make the world right again.

I want to share with you a simple way you can start to change the world today.

I call it Why, Who, How

  • Why should you be reaching out?
  • Who should you be reaching out to?
  • How do you reach out to them?

Why should you be reaching out?

When you love someone, the natural thing is to talk about it.
Jesus is the most amazing person to ever exist and he has changed your life by sharing his love with you.  We should share that love with others.

Who should you be reaching out to?

Create a list of people that are far from God that you would like to see experience the love of Jesus. I recommend starting a list of 10 family members, 10 people you work with or go to school with and 10 people that are your dream list (if you could meet anyone in the world and share with them the Good News who would that be).
Once you’ve written this list down. Begin to pray for them everyday.

Pray that God will open their eyes, that they will experience his love, that they will have an open heart to hear the good news and that nothing will keep them from turning to Jesus.

How do you reach out to them?

The easiest way to reach out to people is by sharing your story with them.

There was a man who was demonized by thousands of demons. Jesus set him free in a moment. The man then asked if he could stay with Jesus but Jesus refused. He encouraged the man to go back to his own people and tell them what Jesus had done for him.

The next time Jesus came back to that area, people ran from all over because the previously demonized man had shared his story all over the 10 city area that he lived in.

I am praying that you will do the same thing as that man, share your Jesus story with as many people as possible!

Here’s how you share.

It all starts off with “There was a time in my life when…”

Then begin to share what your life was like before you met Jesus.

Next, why did you decide to join the family of Jesus?

Finally, How is your life different now that you’re following Jesus?

Once you’ve shared those 3 finish with “What do you think about Jesus?”

Here’s an example:

There was a time in my life when…

I was angry and depressed and wanted to kill myself. I saw a vision where I realized that Jesus is the most faithful friend I’ve ever had. I saw how every person I have ever loved had let me down but Jesus was always there for me. When I realized he is the most faithful person I’ve ever had in my life. I gave him everything and joined his family to make the world right again. Since then he’s given me a reason to live and has even paid for me to travel the world and share his story with others.

What do you think about Jesus?

Write down your own story just like the example.

And I’d like to challenge you to share your story with someone in the list you created in the next 24 hours.

If they decide to follow Jesus, teach them this same lesson and send them out to share their Jesus story immediately as well.